March update

March update

I am delighted to report further progress has been made on the course with the felling and removal of the last tree in the copse nearest the 4th green. Approaches to the green via the 6th fairway now have a better view of the green, and simlarly there is a clearer view of the 5th green from the tee. The lower branches of the copse lining the 6th fairway and encroaching onto the fairway, have also been trimmed.

The approach to the 5th tee is less waterlogged with the installation of sections of the old bridge. The entrance to the club’s car park is now more inviting after the removal of brambles and gorse that had overgrown the fence and some of our signage. A BIG thank you to members Fred, Graham, Scott, Steve who undertook the work on 4th February.

Further thanks to Fred who fully refurbished our very tired trailer which has given it a new lease of life. I no longer have any excuse for not being able to get the greens mower to the greens!

Finally, our shed doors have been renewed and painted by Graham ensuring all contents are secured from the elements.

Until the next time…happy golfing.

Tony McGill

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