Covid-19: Notice to Members

Covid-19: Notice to Members

As we are all aware the situation with Covid-19 is changing rapidly and there has been much discussion between committee members and our partners along with research into current health guidelines. As a result the following will apply for the club:

1. Day to day playing of golf will go ahead as normal with obvious precautions as to numbers playing and contact etc. The decision to play will be entirely yours but I for one will be playing as much as possible once the course is fit to play.

2. All competitions have been suspended and I hope to play the most important ones later in the year. This includes the Garmony Open, the Anniversary open, the Glenforsa Quaich and a team match against Tobermory.

3. We cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the club house so in line with other clubs the club house is closed until further notice. You may have to go in to retrieve clubs etc but it is requested after that you avoid going in. If you do then it is at your own risk.

4. The planned work day has been cancelled. Myself and Ian will start tomorrow with work on the course but we will work apart. We have all the new signs, flags, and plastic pathway along with new scorecards and tags; and the mower is ready to go.

5. Eagle Watch has been cancelled and is unlikely to restart this year.

6. The other groups that have used the club house over the winter will not be allowed use until further notice.

The overall message is wherever possible keep playing golf but be sensible and if possible please go ahead with your renewals and hopefully during the season at some stage we will get back to normal.

If you have any queries or concerns please get in touch.

Club Captain

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