After the deluge

After the deluge

On the night of the 30th September 2022 Craignure Golf Club enjoyed the status of being a nine hole course; but by the following morning, 1st October, that was reduced to six holes! How?!?

Ferry to the 7th?

A combination of heavy rainfall and a high tide resulted in a 15 metre section of the bridge spanning the burn and connecting the 7th green, 8th hole and 9th tee – being swept 100 yards out to sea. Some force of nature!

Unfazed by this situation and until work could be undertaken to effect repairs, former Captain Steve Wilson kept members’ golfing interests alive with an innovative “best of 9 from 12 holes” competition, which is ongoing until the Spring.

Where it finished up…

I am delighted to announce that work carried out on the 7th January 2023 by members Graham Tague and Derek Myzsak has resulted in the course being reconnected to the holes on the far side of the burn. On behalf of the members I would like to extend a huge vote of thanks for your efforts.

With the active participation of our members, when time allows, the ongoing existence of the Golf Course in Craignure looks very strong. It is not only enjoyed by the members whose numbers continue to grow, but also by a large number of visitors and is a real asset to the Community.

More news and updates to follow with improvements and enhancements to the course and equipment.

Tony McGill
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We have 9 holes again

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