The 1895 Club

The 1895 Club

Craignure Golf Club are honoured to be members of The 1895 Club – a group of more than 50 clubs around the world that were all formed in 1895.

Our members can play at any of the other clubs at a significantly reduced rate (often completely free). Please ensure you follow the guidelines – in particular arrangements must be made with the club in advance, and members should provide a handicap certificate (this can now be found on the app) and a letter of introduction from the committee. Respect the dress code and rules of the club you are visiting, and don’t abuse the system (e.g. restrict the number of visits).

In return, we allow members of the other clubs to play at Craignure free of charge under a reciprocal arrangement.

See this document for the full list of participating clubs, and further details of the conditions.

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