Improvements to tee boxes

Improvements to tee boxes

We are currently carrying out a number of improvements to the course.  Part of this involves the rebuilding and turfing of 5 of the gents tee boxes. The following changes are in effect until the work is complete:
7th tee
  • Gents 3rd tee – use Ladies 3rd tee
  • Gents 4th tee – use Ladies 4th tee
  • Gents 5th tee – use tee as normal but only part of the tee box will be open
  • Gents 6th tee – use temporary tee box to the right of the normal tee area
  • Gents 7th tee – use temporary tee box at the rear of the 1st tee
Notices have been posted inside and outside the clubhouse and reminders attached to the rear of the scorecards. As soon as the turf is bedded in all tees will reopen.
4th tee
March update

March update

I am delighted to report further progress has been made on the course with the felling and removal of the last tree in the copse nearest the 4th green. Approaches to the green via the 6th fairway now have a better view of the green, and simlarly there is a clearer view of the 5th green from the tee. The lower branches of the copse lining the 6th fairway and encroaching onto the fairway, have also been trimmed.

The approach to the 5th tee is less waterlogged with the installation of sections of the old bridge. The entrance to the club’s car park is now more inviting after the removal of brambles and gorse that had overgrown the fence and some of our signage. A BIG thank you to members Fred, Graham, Scott, Steve who undertook the work on 4th February.

Further thanks to Fred who fully refurbished our very tired trailer which has given it a new lease of life. I no longer have any excuse for not being able to get the greens mower to the greens!

Finally, our shed doors have been renewed and painted by Graham ensuring all contents are secured from the elements.

Until the next time…happy golfing.

Tony McGill

After the deluge

After the deluge

On the night of the 30th September 2022 Craignure Golf Club enjoyed the status of being a nine hole course; but by the following morning, 1st October, that was reduced to six holes! How?!?

Ferry to the 7th?

A combination of heavy rainfall and a high tide resulted in a 15 metre section of the bridge spanning the burn and connecting the 7th green, 8th hole and 9th tee – being swept 100 yards out to sea. Some force of nature!

Unfazed by this situation and until work could be undertaken to effect repairs, former Captain Steve Wilson kept members’ golfing interests alive with an innovative “best of 9 from 12 holes” competition, which is ongoing until the Spring.

Where it finished up…

I am delighted to announce that work carried out on the 7th January 2023 by members Graham Tague and Derek Myzsak has resulted in the course being reconnected to the holes on the far side of the burn. On behalf of the members I would like to extend a huge vote of thanks for your efforts.

With the active participation of our members, when time allows, the ongoing existence of the Golf Course in Craignure looks very strong. It is not only enjoyed by the members whose numbers continue to grow, but also by a large number of visitors and is a real asset to the Community.

More news and updates to follow with improvements and enhancements to the course and equipment.

Tony McGill
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We have 9 holes again

100 Club draw 2021

100 Club draw 2021

100 Club

The draw for the 100 Club was made at the AGM on Monday evening, and the winners this year are as follows:
First prize (£300): John Wilson
Runner up (£100): Richard Dewar
Runner up (£100): Ronnie Wilson

Thanks to everyone that bought a ticket – your support is much appreciated.

You can download the 100 Club Rules here.

The 1895 Club

The 1895 Club

Craignure Golf Club are honoured to be members of The 1895 Club – a group of more than 50 clubs around the world that were all formed in 1895.

Our members can play at any of the other clubs at a significantly reduced rate (often completely free). Please ensure you follow the guidelines – in particular arrangements must be made with the club in advance, and members should provide a handicap certificate (this can now be found on the app) and a letter of introduction from the committee. Respect the dress code and rules of the club you are visiting, and don’t abuse the system (e.g. restrict the number of visits).

In return, we allow members of the other clubs to play at Craignure free of charge under a reciprocal arrangement.

See this document for the full list of participating clubs, and further details of the conditions.

Garmony Open – postponed

Garmony Open – postponed

Scottish Golf guidelines do not currently permit the running of Open competitions, and so we have had to cancel the Garmony Open which was scheduled for this weekend.

We hope that restrictions will ease sufficiently to allow us to play it later in the season.

Meanwhile if members would like a competitive round of golf on Sunday then turn up at 1pm and we will run something.

Apologies for having to delay the much anticipated Garmony Open but we have no choice.

Hopefully see you Sunday 1pm.

Reopening guidelines

Reopening guidelines

1 . Competitions will resume on the 25th June 2020.

2. Play is initially restricted to members only.

3. There is no need to complete the signing in book.

4. The club house will initially remain closed so if you have clubs in there please access it only to collect them and take them home.

5. Before play please wash your hands. As the clubhouse will be closed please do this before you leave home.

6. Hand sanitiser will be made available outside the club, please use this before playing. It is fairly watery so please use carefully.

7. 4 people can only play at the same time if they are from a maximum of 3 households. To avoid congestion around a tee box please do not approach if someone is already on it.

8. Social distancing to be maintained at all times whilst on the course and no customary shaking of hands is allowed.

9. Please leave the flag in and do not touch it. Retrieve your ball with your gloved hand from the hole. Inserts have been put in each hole so the ball does not fall to the bottom. Once your ball touches the material it is classed as being in the hole. With friendly play consider more gimmees and not putting out from short distances.

10. Guidance remains that you can travel locally to play.

Covid-19: Notice to Members

Covid-19: Notice to Members

As we are all aware the situation with Covid-19 is changing rapidly and there has been much discussion between committee members and our partners along with research into current health guidelines. As a result the following will apply for the club:

1. Day to day playing of golf will go ahead as normal with obvious precautions as to numbers playing and contact etc. The decision to play will be entirely yours but I for one will be playing as much as possible once the course is fit to play.

2. All competitions have been suspended and I hope to play the most important ones later in the year. This includes the Garmony Open, the Anniversary open, the Glenforsa Quaich and a team match against Tobermory.

3. We cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the club house so in line with other clubs the club house is closed until further notice. You may have to go in to retrieve clubs etc but it is requested after that you avoid going in. If you do then it is at your own risk.

4. The planned work day has been cancelled. Myself and Ian will start tomorrow with work on the course but we will work apart. We have all the new signs, flags, and plastic pathway along with new scorecards and tags; and the mower is ready to go.

5. Eagle Watch has been cancelled and is unlikely to restart this year.

6. The other groups that have used the club house over the winter will not be allowed use until further notice.

The overall message is wherever possible keep playing golf but be sensible and if possible please go ahead with your renewals and hopefully during the season at some stage we will get back to normal.

If you have any queries or concerns please get in touch.

Club Captain

Mull Eagle Watch 2020

Mull Eagle Watch 2020

Statement from Mull Eagle Watch 2020:

The partnership which runs the award winning Mull Eagle Watch project (Mull & Iona Community Trust, RSPB Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, Forestry & Land Scotland & Police Scotland) has taken the decision to postpone indefinitely the opening of this year’s Mull Eagle Watch in light of Government advice regarding the current coronavirus pandemic.
The situation will be kept under regular review and if anything significant changes or improves we may be able to reconsider how best to adapt the season to allow responsible eagle viewing whilst ensuring our visitors and staff remain safe. This decision has been taken in consultation with our brilliant host site at Craignure Golf Club and our hardworking booking partners at VisitScotland Craignure.
Please stay tuned to Twitter @MullEagleWatch & @skyeandfrisa for all the latest news on how the sea eagles are faring this breeding season and any other updates regarding the project. Thank you to everyone for their support and we hope to be back with you and open for business at some point in the future.

100 club draw 2020

100 club draw 2020

100 Club

The draw for the 100 Club was made at the AGM last week, and the winners this year are as follows:

First prize (£300): Susan Skeates
Runner up (£100): Ben Wilson
Runner up (£100): Richard Dewar

Thanks to everyone that bought a ticket. Proceeds from the draw will be used for essential maintenance to greenkeeping equipment.

You can download the 100 Club Rules.